Free Music Download: “Tightrope Walker” by Maren Parusel

Maren Parusel is a name you need to know.

Not only is she a talented musician, but she is also a survivor. She experienced a terrible situation when all of her instruments were stolen in New York. Many musicians would have been depressed and discouraged after such a setback. Not Parusel. Instead of dwelling on the loss, she channeled her energy into revamping her musical style.

Parusel’s misfortune led to the creation of her sophomore album, “Tightrope Walker.” Although the first single, the title track from the album, was created out of despair, it is the perfect song to kick off your Summer.

Filled with dreamy synths, transcendent guitars, and Parusel’s gorgeous vocals, “Tightrope Walker” (right click and select ‘Save as…’) is a catchy song that will delight listeners every time they hear it.

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