The Staff

Six String Theories is a music blog dedicated to covering the music industry, independent artists, and guitar culture.


My name is Frederick, but many know me by my online persona Mocha Dad. I am the owner of the Mocha Dad Media family of blogs (Six String Theories, Mocha Dad, Making It Last Forever, Mommy to the Max).

I’ve always been passionate about music and I’ve shared that passion with my friends and family. People often come to me when they want to discover some new music. In additional to being a huge music connoisseur, I’ve also had a great desire to create music. In middle school, I played the trumpet in band class. Of the six trumpet players in the class, I always earned 7th chair. I’ve dabbled with keyboards and drums, but no instrument tugged at my heart like the guitar. When I was in my 30s, I bought myself a cheap guitar to teach myself how to play. I quickly discovered that I was a terrible guitar teacher. A decade passed before I decided to get serious about learning to play the guitar. I’ll probably never be a guitar hero, but I’m content with playing a few songs with family and friends.


Associate Editor

Kurt Schwarz – Kurt is a happily married man with three awesome children, living and working in Oakland County, MI. His mid-life crisis brought weight-loss, sobriety, and the constant pursuit of happiness by pretending to be a rock star. Kurt also writes the blog Real Life Husband/Dad/WannaBe RockStar!



Christie Glascoe Crowder – Christie is a writer, lifecaster, social media geek, and all around master-multi-tasker using her real world experiences to cultivate a life she loves. She left the corporate world and her own successful project management firm behind to become a published author, certified life/empowerment coach, internet talk show host, and now, certified social media consultant. To learn more about Christie, visit her website.

Frederick Rhodes – By day, Frederick is a Human Resources manager. By night, he’s a songwriting, self-taught pianist and aspiring cook. He’s also an operations officer and consultant for StarMove Entertainment, an upstart record label and community engagement organization he founded with, Evan Johnson. Frederick holds a B.S. in English Literature and an MBA.

Dave Gavri – Dave is a full time writer and a professional nerd. His daytime duties include tutoring high school students on how to ace the SAT, ACT, GRE, and the GMAT. Aside from reading, writing, and playing the guitar, Dave is a stand-up comedian who spends his evenings doing what he loves the most: making people laugh. You can catch him delivering witty punchlines with high energy in just about any place with a microphone.


Jorge Covian – Jorge has been playing guitar in original and cover bands since the late 80s. He’s traveled the world and has performed in Europe, Latin America and the USA. He currently works for AM Resorts.