Desert Island List: Laura Vall, Vocalist

Music has been my love and inspiration for every day of my life. Here’s some of the music that has moved me: 1. Grace, Jeff Buckley – I still cried the other day after listening to this album for the millionth time. It gives me goose bumps every time I hear it. I love Jeff Buckley’s…

Desert Island List: Muhammad Panji Prayoga, Guitarist

These are my 10 Tops favorite albums. These are the first albums that came to mind and are not ranked in order. 1. Surfing with The Alien, Joe Satriani – This is the best guitar instrumental record ever. It has motivated and inspired me over time. I think most of guitar players will agree. 2. Recipe for Hate,…

Desert Island List: Ira Perez, Singer/Songwriter

These are not necessarily what I think are the best albums ever made. Rather, it’s a list of my personal favorite albums that have influenced me over the years. 1. Hybrid Theory, Linkin Park – I can still rap and sing this album like I did 10 years ago. A gift from my brother when I…

Brian Eno on the Importance of Listening

A non-musician is thrilled to be doing music and is quite happy to sit there and plunk one note all day. And is very alert to the effect of that. Non-musicians really listen sometimes, because that is the only thing available to them. – Brian Eno Peace & Blessings

Kaki King Rocks Out to “Pink Noise”

Kaki King, the first female on Rolling Stone’s “guitar god” list, rocks out to a full live set at TED2008, including her breakout single, “Playing with Pink Noise.” Jaw-dropping virtuosity meets a guitar technique that truly stands out. Peace & Blessings

Joni Mitchell on Songwriting

I [write] by twiddling the strings into a different tuning – I throw it open to the cosmos. Then when you discover something that has an element of divine intervention, it’s like a blessing. – Joni Mitchell Peace & Blessings