Desert Island Lists 2011

In 2011, artists, musicians, and bloggers shared their favorite albums with Six String Theories. The lists of albums were quite diverse and covered several musical genres. However, the following ten albums (ranked in order of popularity) were listed the most by all who participated:

  1. Michael Jackson, “Off the Wall
  2. The Beatles, “1
  3. Pink Floyd, “Dark Side of the Moon
  4. Stevie Wonder, “Innervisions
  5. Metallica, “And Justice for All
  6. Nivana, “Never Mind
  7. Green Day, “American Idiot
  8. Alanis Morrissette, “Jagged Little Pill
  9. Linkin Park, “Hybrid Theory
  10. Maroon 5, “Songs About Jane

To learn more about each contributor’s list, click the links below:

Cimorelli, Vocal Group






Donnie Osborne, Music Executive






Bryan Anthony, Jazz Vocalist





Jenny Scott, Singer/Songwriter





Laura Vall, Vocalist





Muhammad Panji Prayoga, Guitarist from Disconnected





Ira Perez, Singer/Songwriter






Sharon Musgrave, Recording Artist/Songwriter






Monica Alban, Singer





Gisele Scales, Violinst





Irina Buzdugan, Vocalist for Asleep in Transit





Paul Birtwell, Songwriter, Musician, Performer





Ihsan Bilal, Singer/Songwriter





Miri, Songwriter/Recording Artist





Maria Lianos, Writer, Mother, Rocker






Ricardo Sweatt Rodriguez, Guitarist





Casey McCann, Musician and music educator